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WendRover Pet Connection

Located in the rural community of West Wendover, Nevada, and founded in 2018, WendRover Pet Connection is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit caring for and transporting dogs and cats who have found their way into West Wendover Animal Control, and have no other option at a second chance of life. The focus is to provide adoption services, critical transportation efforts, educational resources, and medical assistance for homeless pets as well as owned pets.

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When you donate to WendRover Pet Connection 100% of the money goes back into our life saving mission. We use donations for things like; medical care, pet food, supplies, transportation costs when taking dogs/cats to other reduces/shelters, etc. Donations will also go towards building a new facility in the future. You can write-off 100% of your donation towards you taxes as we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The only time this doesn’t apply is when you receive something in return for your donation (attending an event with food, etc.). Thank you for the support, we can’t thank you enough. 

Benefits of spaying (females):
  • No heat cycles; therefore, males will not be attracted
  • Less desire to roam
  • Reduces risk of mammary gland tumors; risk of ovarian and/or uterine cancer is reduced or eliminated, especially if done before the first heat cycle
  • Reduces number of unwanted cats/kittens/dogs/puppies
  • Helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives
Benefits of Neutering (males):
  • Reduces or eliminates risk of spraying and marking
  • Less desire to roam; therefore, less likely to be injured in fights or auto accidents
  • Eliminates possibility of testicular cancer, and incidence of prostate disease is decreased
  • Reduces number of unwanted cats/kittens/dogs/puppies
  • Decreases aggressive behavior, including dog bites
  • Helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives
You can become a partner with Wendrover Pet Connection a few ways. First by becoming a supporter and donating (individual, business or foundation), whether that is a monetary  donation or in-kind (see our wish list under How To Help). 
Next by becoming a partnering rescue or shelter, which means when dogs or cats become available in Wendover (which has a very small population to pull from) your team help by taking these dogs/cats to your location in order to find a new home. 
Lastly, when you volunteer your time to help as needed. There are a number of ways you can help WendRover save lives. 
Wendrover pulls dogs and cats in need from the Wendover city shelter so they do not get euthanized due to having no other place to go. We are not a shelter; however, have been discussing building one in the future. We will try and find foster homes for those pets waiting their new home, but something that is not possible, again due to not having our own facility. When this is the case we rely on our partner rescues/shelters to allow us to transport these pets in order to find a new home all their own. To adopt please complete the adoption application  and we will be in touch right away. The pet you are interested may be at another location by the time you find it, however, we can put you in touch with that particular group. Help us spread the word about the amazing pets in need right here in Wendrover, Nevada! 
This truly depends on the year, and how many supporters and volunteers we have on our team. Putting on an event takes time and money, in order to make money in return to save lives. 
We love events and also find they are great FRIENDraisers too. So check back often and visit our events calendar to view upcoming events, as this calendar will change frequently. Another great way to support our efforts is to host your own peer-to-peer fundraiser, whether it be a car wash, bake sale, bingo night, birthday fundraiser (via social media works great too), or anyway you can dream up. These are great as we can participate as a guest or help share too. For more information on starting a peer-to-peer fundraiser click here.